Star Conflict Wiki

Missiles are secondary weapons, and ships may only carry a limited number for each mission.  Each missile costs a certain number of credits but can deal more damage per hit than a primary weapon.  Some missiles may have special effects on hit, while others deal flat damage.

 Small Unguided Missiles[]

  1. Plasma missiles
  2. Piercing missiles

 Medium Unguided Missiles[]

  1. Firestorm

 Large Unguided Missiles[]

  1. Torpedo

Small Homing Missiles[]

  1. Small missiles

Medium Homing Missiles[]

  1. EM Missile
  2. Armor-Piercing Missile
  3. Standard Missile
  4. Ion Warhead
  5. Slowing Field missile

Large Homing Missiles[]

  1. Cruise Missile
  2. Octopus

Other Missiles[]

  1. Tactical Nuclear Weapon
  2. Anomaly Generator
  3. Mine field
  4. Proximity Mine
  5. Attack Drones