Railguns are weapons that deal kinetic damage to enemy ships and they are the first weapons that we have in the game. Kinetic damage isn't as effective against shields, but it is incredibly effective against hull. There are different types of Railguns that are optimized for different ranges, and can be equipped with modules to increase their damage, speed, accuracy, etc.


Shrapnel Cannon: Interceptor OnlyEdit

Short range railgun. Does tremendous damage if all of the shrapnel hits the enemy, but suffers from high spread.

Kinetic Supercharger: Interceptor Only (ECM )Edit

Short range gun that shoots darts that creates a yellow cloud. This short lived cloud deals damage to all ships. 

Assault Railgun: Fighter OnlyEdit

Medium range railgun. Fast firing, average damage. Quite a middle-of-the-road weapon in most aspects.

Gauss Cannon: Fighter OnlyEdit

Long range railgun. Slow firing rate, but deals an average amount of damage over a long distance. Fast projectile speed. It is chargeable, with the highest charge overheating the gun in two shots. However, overcharging can make the gun inaccurate.

Coil Mortar: Frigate OnlyEdit

Medium range gun that fires explosive charges with fairly good speed. Note: due to area of effect damage, these guns can damage the ship if fired at close range. This weapon system actually fires one turret at a time and cycles through them, so the main difference between six-turret Long Range frigates and anything else is firing rate. While the Coil Mortar has an area of effect bonus, it unfortunately will not fire if the user tries to fire outside of the acceptable firing zone. It will still overheat when it is unable to fire.