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We wish our female pilots a happy Intergalactic Women's Day, and we bring you a fresh festive patch v. 0.7.9 «Spring Anomaly»!

With this release, we present a new redesigned scenario «Shipyard Defence», which is now available in a special lightweight version for T1 level pilots. In the last phase you have to go on the offensive and drive the enemy out of our sector! Defending the sector has become much easier, since the enemy troops do not have the time to rebuild their defences and resort to sending unprepared soldiers into battle.

Also, in honor of March 8 we have developed a unique achievement for you — «Heart of the Galaxy.» Now you can buy special holiday stickers and put them on your ship, and your next aim will be to bring down eight enemy ships. Completing this mission awards you with new labels as a bonus. «Heart of the Galaxy» will only be available for a week. Don't miss out!

And to the truly space-scale benefits of this patch, we suggest you check out the list of updates:

— A new round of war for requires continuous participation of all able-bodied pilots. Factions are willing to bear the additional cost of supporting the most loyal mercenaries, so rewards for the first victory of the day now give you double the reputation and loyalty.

— Improvements in game balance and game interface.

To learn more about all the features of this patch, see the description on the game forums.

A clean Space to you and see you on the battlefield!

Patch notes:[]


  • Improved translations into German, French and Spanish.

General changes[]

  • Happy 8th of March to you! It's the "Interstellar Women's Day"!
  • You will find a game achievement, dedicated to this holiday.
  • Added a special sticker for ships.

"ShipyardDefence" Scenario []

  •  T1 pilots now have a special lightweight version of the scenario available to them.
  • The scenario has been reworked: now in the last phase you have to go offensive and drive the enemy out of our sector!

Battlegrounds: General[]

  • Refined lighting parameters on all game maps.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in AI behaving incorrectly on some maps.

Game balance: General[]

  • Added a special award for repeatedly entering the game.* First victory of the day is now rewarded with double reputation and loyalty gain.* Reduced effectiveness of implants giving resistance to slowdown and energy syphoning effects.* Increased the probability of high-quality loot detection. 

Ships: General[]

  • Reduced command modules bonus on Phobos Aura and King Kastor to 30%.* Fixed installation of modules on the Desert Eagle. 

Weapons and modules: General[]

  • The base chance of critical damage in heavy lasers and heavy plasma is reduced to 2%, in railguns - to 4%.

Weapons and modules: Active Modules[]

  • When the "Stasis" module affects a ship, it does not stop on the spot and keeps moving inertially.* Duration of "Stasis" has been reduced by 10%.* Duration of stasis effect, caused by "Metastable Energy Field Generator" on Jericho interceptors, has been reduced by 33%.* Infrared flares now also affect torpedoes, launched by Jericho frigates. 

Weapons and modules: Support modules[]

  • "Acceleration Coil" can now only be installed on frigates.* Reduced the effect of simultaneous installation of multiple "Heatsink" modules.* "Horizon" increases optimal range only by 50% of its former value. 

Interface: General[]

  • Messages from the global chat channel now do not bleed through into group and corporation channels. 

Interface: Implant tree[]

  • With a single click the active implant is not reset, but when you double-click, it both resets and installs a new implant. 

Interface: Ship tree[]

  • Scrolling through the list of ships made smoother. 

Sound and Music: General[]

  • Refined "Acceleration Gate" sound.* Scenarios:- Tuned weapon sounds.- Fixed semantic errors, and added new phrases in voice acting.- Improved sound for stationary guns. 

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed several popup descriptions bugs.* Fixed bugs with the keybinds window.* A number of network code optimisations.