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StarConflict team presents you a new patch «Guarding the Space.» One of the most important parameters for any ship is its quick response to the pilot's input. We have significantly optimized the game's graphics engine and now the beauty of the Cosmos won't be as hard on your graphics cards and processors. The game will be smoother and more responsive in battles will be higher, which means increasing your chances of winning! Advanced game settings also allow you to fine-tune the performance of the game to fit your requirements.Since the conflict around the Precursors' legacy becomes larger, factional limitations of pilots are gradually fading. From now on, a much larger role is dedicated to races. Factions will still provide you with additional contracts and give powerful weapon modifications, but much more important is the side of the conflict you are fighting on. So, you can go into battle on any ships you like — you will always have the maximum possible reputation bonus!All the T3 — T4 pilots, who need a break from the Precursor sectors, now have the option to attack the enemy dreadnought in the «Sabotage» scenario, which is a good opportuniy to find some rare equipment!See you in space!

Patch notes:[]

General changes:[]

  • Optimize the game engine:
    • Improved overall performance.
    • Graphic settings now have a much stronger influence on framerate and image quality.
    • Please note that when you first start the patched game, graphics settings will be reset to "default."
  • Refined relationships between races and factions, as well as their impact reputation gain:
    • When you enter the game, you will be prompted to re-select the race.
    • Race determines your starting ship. Choosing a faction is no longer required.

- Access to implants opens on rank 2 with any race.

    • Ability to select your faction opens on rank 2 with any race.
    • Special factional items (modified Mk3) and premium equivalents are not seen in the store, until you reach Rank 2.
    • You no longer have to have the same race ships in all combat slots. Bonus to reputation gain is always at a maximum.

Scenarios: Sabotage[]

  • Scenario "Sabotage" is now available for the difficulty level T3-T4.

Game balance: Battles[]

  • AI in ships T1-T2 no longer use the "Stasis Generator" module.

Ships: Frigates[]

  • Hull and shield strength for all frigates is increased by 5%.
  • Final ships in development trees have their speed characteristics increased by +5%.

Weapons and modules: General[]

  • Now, if overheated, the guns can no longer shoot until fully cooled down.
  • Overheating time reduced to 1 second.

Weapons and modules: Railgun[]

  • Optimum range of railguns has been reduced by 10%.
  • Heavy Railgun: Reduced damage reduced.

Weapons and modules: Lasers[]

  • Optimum range of lasers (except for long-range) is reduced by 25%.
  • Optimum range for long-range lasers reduced by 15%.

Weapons and modules: Plasma[]

  • Optimum range of plasma cannons reduced by 10%.

Interface: General[]

  • Added a unified help screens window with links to the FAQ on the game.
  • The search box now displays the name of the selected queue.

Interface: HUD[]

  • You can now lock combat drones as targets.

Sound and Music: General[]

  • Fixed a bug with different volumes of interface sounds.
  • Refined rocket launchers sounds in scenarios.
  • Refined ice hit sounds.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed the achievement for completing the scenarios.