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Meet the new player profile in the latest Star Conflict patch OBT v 0.7.5! The player achievement screen has been transferred to a special interface — the Player Profile. Now, besides the achievements obtained, you can watch your combat and non-combat stats. Player profile reflects how much time you spent in the game, how many ships you destroyed, how many victories achieved and more.

The Ship Development tree became clearer and friendlier to players. Ship tooltips have also been expanded. You can view all the benefits of the ships before purchase. The tips also reflect all development opportunities and prospects for the future improvement of the ship!

The changes were made to the new PvE scenario — «Sabotage!» For full completion of this scenario you will find a special loot search zone, where the chances of finding unique weapons and components of high quality are much higher! Do not miss your chance!

A full list of new features can be found in the game's forum.

Patch notes:[]

Game Mode: Domination[]

  • Changed the logic of scoring in "Domination":
    • Each team has a total stock of domination points that are deducted if a ship from this team is destroyed.
    • When one of the teams captures more than half of the beacons on the field (for example, 2 of 3), the enemy also starts losing domination points.
    • If one team has captured all the beacons, the domination points of the enemy team decrease even faster.
    • If a team has only one beacon, domination points are not deducted.
    • The team which loses all control points, loses.

Ships: General[]

  • Reworked the base ships dimensioning system. Changes are technical in nature and did not affect the behavior of ships.

Weapons and modules: General[]

  • New module and weapon allocation system (previously purchased or found weapons and modules will remain with their owners):

Technological level 1[]

  • Assault weapon modifications.
  • Hull and shield recovery modules.
  • Mass hull and shield recovery modules.
  • Basic control modules.
  • Basic special modules.
  • Initial modifications of unguided, standard and heavy missiles.

Technological level 2[]

  • Rapid-fire, long-range weapons.
  • Advanced combat modules for recovery and resistance of hull and shields.
  • The command module affecting the opponents' parameters.
  • Attack combat modules.
  • Modifications of the main weapons' type of damage.
  • Modifications that improve primary weapons.
  • Additional modules increasing resistance of hull and shields.
  • Armor modifiers.
  • Missiles with additional types of damage.
  • Mines.

Technological level 3[]

  • Heavy weapons.
  • Advanced combat modules.
  • Modifications of main weapons in range, rate of fire and spread.
  • Additional modules for the ship's CPU.
  • Add-on modules for the condenser vessel.
  • Drones.
  • Missile arms control with the effect of the enemy.
  • Multiple-launch rocket.
  • Nuclear warheads.

Technological level 4[]

  • Additional modules for the engine.

Scenarios: General[]

  • Full completion of scenarios grants a special loot search zone, with a high chance of finding weapons and components of high quality.

Scenario "Sabotage"[]

  • Decreased the power of attacking enemies in the first phases.
  • Changed the 3rd phase of the scenario "Sabotage".

Interface: General[]

  • Added a player profile screen. The "achievements" screen is now a part of the "Profile".
  • Added more information in tooltips for ships (Characteristics, role, available slots, etc.).

Sound and Music: General[]

  • Added special sounds and phrases for the events in the scenarios.

Bug fixes[]

  • Tags of your squad members on the radar are now shown in green.