Patch notes:Edit


  • Added smuggled microchips purchase window:
    • The window can be found in the upper right corner of your hangar.
    • Microchips and illegal software can temporarily improve performance of your ship or the ships of your allies.
    • Microchips fail over time or after a specified number of fights, depending on their type.

Battlegrounds: GeneralEdit

  • Added a new field in the orbit of Ceres.

Game Mode: Combat reconnaissanceEdit

  • When the captain quits the battle, his ship still remains active for 30 seconds and it can be destroyed.
  • Captain's regalia are transferred to another player, if during that time the deserter captain was not destroyed.
  • If a player returns to the game when the captain regalia were transferred to another player, he does not keep the increased performance.

Game balance: GeneralEdit

  • Removed annual premium subscription, added subscription for 3 months (for those who have purchased an annual subscription, it will continue to work correctly.)
  • Reputation with races no longer goes higher than level 12 (until the T5 is implemented).

Weapons and modules: GeneralEdit

  • Added a new module «Acceleration coils», which increases the speed of charges for any type of weapons.

Weapons and modules: MissilesEdit

  • Cooldown time (missile readiness) is now displayed separately for each missile slot, switching between the slots does not start a cooldown.

Interface: GeneralEdit

  • Removed ships from the store, purchase is only possible through the tree of Ships.
  • The player who ignores you, can not be invited to your squad or corporation.

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • Fixed some minor bugs in the voice acting.
  • Refined the sounds of heavy plasma.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed a client crash during matchmaking.
  • Fixed periodic duplication of chat messages.