Patch 070


Star Conflict developers have prepared a lot of Christmas surprises for you!

Patch v. 0.7.0. brings us several important innovations.

We are pleased to welcome the ship development tree:

If it was difficult to assess the full range of ships in the game, to understand the relationship between them and make up your own plan for development, now, thanks to an intuitive and simple ship tree, you can enjoy all the features offered by the presented ships.

Star Conflict introduces a system of corporations! Unite in corporations, choose your leaders and conquer space. Everything is in your hands! (Meanwhile, the leaders of corporations that previously reserved a name for your corporation, need to add at least 1500 GS to their accounts.)

The changes were made to the recent addition — the «Shipyard defence» mode. We introduced a new, additional PvE mode — on the same battlefield, but with a higher difficulty, for T3-T4 ships and the most fearless pilots!

Weapon mechanics have been rebalanced based on the feedback of our players.

We would be grateful if you gave us your opinion about the new patch in the comments below.

A full list of changes can be found on our forums!

Patch notes:Edit

General changesEdit

  • Happy New Year!
    • Added Christmas rocket fireworks and special stickers. These things will be in the store until the end of the holiday.
    • Special Christmas Offer: double reputation and double the amount of experience per battle.
  • Added a ship development tree to the game:
    • It can be found on a special tab "Ships".
    • Factions no longer affect access to ships. Reputation with the faction affects access to weapon modifications. The highest reputation with the faction will be converted to the reputation with the corrresponding side of the conflict.
    • Reputation gained from completion of contracts is awarded to the selected fraction.
    • Reputation with the current side of the conflict is earned, at the moment, only by participation in battles.
    • NOTE: Your side of the conflict (the Empire, Federation or Jericho) is determined by the faction you are fighting for at the moment. For example, if you decided to work for the Legion, it means that you are fighting for the glory of the Empire.
    • NOTE: Changing your personality through a "fake ID" do not change the side of the conflict that you represent.
    • To gain access to a ship, you have to earn enough reputation with the chosen side of the conflict.
    • Every ship can be purchased only in one copy. Sale of ships has been abolished.
    • For the purchase of the next model, you need to have its previous modification.
    • Hangar no longer has to be expanded, it holds as many ships as you buy.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent changes, the game removes duplicate copies of the ships, as well as previously bought spaces in the hangar.
    • NOTE: Those who managed to get them will automatically be compensated for their costs at the highest rate.
  • Added corporations to the game:
    • They can be found on a special tab "Corporations".
    • You can view a list of corporations, as well as information on your corporation.
    • To create a corporation you need 3000 standards.
    • Creating your own corporation, you automatically become its CEO.
    • The head of a corporation may invite or fire other players and appoint them as officers. CEO can transfer leadership to another officer.
    • An officer of the corporation may invite or fire other players.
    • To join a corporation, just let the CEO or an officer know, and they will invite you.
    • At the moment, you can see the number of ships that were shot down by pilots of the corporation. These statistics cover only the PvP matches.

"Shipyard defence" scenarioEdit

  • Increased the difficulty of the scenario. Normal difficulty includes T1, T2, T3 ships, while high difficulty includes T4.
  • Reputation is also awarded for completion of the scenario, although at a lower than in PvP-battles.
  • Completion of only the first wave of enemies does not award loot, but the total award is calculated as before.
  • Expanded the set of modules, which are used by Commanders
  • The number of enemies that use "Ion beam" has been significantly reduced
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of the scenario for the T1-T2 levels (later hotfix)

Game balance: GeneralEdit

  • Now, Mk1-2 modules and weapons are always available at the store, regardless of the current rank of the player.
  • Defeat awards more reputation than before.

Contracts: GeneralEdit

  • Unavailable contracts are no longer displayed in the contract list.

Ships: GeneralEdit

  • Premium ships now immediately have a maximum level of synergy.
  • The cost of repairing ships premium has been significantly lowered.
  • Improved visualization of thrusters for all ships.

Ships: EmpireEdit

  • Damage of the main weapons for the Imperial ships increased by 5% (to 10%).

Ships: FrigatesEdit

  • Slightly reduced maneuverability.
  • Reduced the number of barrels shooting at the rear and side hemispheres.

Weapons and modules: RailgunEdit

  • Assault: reduced scatter.
  • Rapid-fire: charges are charging automatically and there is a simultaneous volley of all charges. Added scatter. Overheating removed.
  • Stabilized: increased rate of fire and reduced damage. Revised parameters overheating. Reduced charge speede.
  • Heavy: greatly increased damage and increased speed of rotation of the barrels. Revised overheating

Weapons and models: LasersEdit

  • Changed the settings for all lasers' overheating.
  • Rebalanced laser damage.
  • Heavy: greatly increased damage and increased speed of rotation of the barrels.

Weapons and modules: PlasmaEdit

  • Rapid-fire: slightly increased damage and spread.
  • "Hail": increased rate of fire and reduced damage.
  • Heavy: greatly increased damage and increased speed of rotation of the barrels. The number of charges reduced to 2. Revised overheating.

Weapons and modules: Class ModulesEdit

  • Reduced the range and strength margin drone frigate federation.

Weapons and modules: Combat ModulesEdit

  • Fixed the "Propulsion inhibitor" use

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • Added a new music track
  • Slightly louder hits from lasers
  • Total loudness balancing

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed critical chance display 
  • The main window and the results window correctly display the reputation with with the side of the conflict (race), rather than the current faction. Reputation with a faction can be seen in the contracts window.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect ship models.
  • All premium ships (which were acquired prior to patch 0.7.0) also receive maximum synergy.