Star Conflict Wiki

Ship Modifiers[]

Ship Modifiers are systems which enhance a particular aspect of the ship's systems.  They confer bonuses while equipped, but may also have drawbacks.


  1. Extended Capacitor
  2. Capacitor Charger
  3. Pulse Discharger
  4. Multi-Core Capacitor
  5. Capacitor Power Relay
  6. Power Unit Conduit


  1. Proton Wall System
  2. Enhanced Scanner
  3. Overclocked CPU
  4. Auxiliary CPU
  5. Broadband Scanner


  1. Inertial Stabilizer
  2. Rotation Thrusters
  3. Catalyst Injector
  4. Extra Boost
  5. Auxiliary Generator


  1. Armor-Plated Hull
  2. Reinforced Beams
  3. Regenerative Coating
  4. Lightweight Hull
  5. Composite Armor
  6. Thermal Insulation
  7. Reactive Plating
  8. EM Shielding
  9. Passive Armor


  1. Supplementary Shield Generator
  2. Extended Shield Capacitor
  3. Adaptive Shield
  4. Light Shield
  5. Submatter Shield

Weapon Modifiers[]

Weapon modifiers are systems which enhance the damage of the ship's primary weapon.  Only one may be active at a time and confer a bonus while active.  The pilot may switch between multiple weapon modifiers at will during battle to better deal with a situation.  Some weapons offer a flat bonus to the primary weapon's damage output, while others may change the primary weapon's damage type.  Still others may have other bonuses or drawbacks.


  1. Enhanced Lens Kit
  2. Conductive Lens Kit
  3. Microwave Lens Kit
  4. Trihedral Crystal Set
  5. Double Lens Kit


  1. Enhanced Shells
  2. Vanadium Shells
  3. Shaped Charge Shells
  4. Uranium Core Shells
  5. Antimatter Shells

Plasma Cannons[]

  1. Double Deflector System
  2. Booster Circuit
  3. Needle System
  4. Supernova System