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Lasers , are the most used weapons on the frigates of Star Conflict , they can provide a continous damage on the enemys and overcome any evasive maneouvers .

Lasers are classified as thermal weapons , providing a medium damage over shield and hull alike .

Sub To Lazarbeam


Pulse Laser: Interceptor Only[]

Short range classic laser. It is slightly inaccurate, with a large amount of spread the farther the user shoots. Very effective at short ranges and is at the upper end of DPS output for the Interceptor weapons.

Ion Emitter: Fighter Only[]

Classic laser. Deals low initial damage, but this quickly ramps up over time as the user continues fire. It lowers the enemy's resistance after a couple of seconds.

Gravi-beam: Fighter Only (Tackler)[]

Similar to the Ion Emitter, but it deals less damage, and causes the enemy ship to slow down by a certain percent.

Heavy Blaster: Frigate Only[]

Heavy Blasters are medium to long range lasers, and shoot flocks of laser blasts instead of a steady beam. The firing rate of the heavy blaster increases during steady fire, but due to the nature of its shotgun like attack, it is rather inaccurate at long range. However, the raw total DPS output of this weapon system when it's firing at full rate is significantly high, especially when on a Long Range frigate. The Heavy Blaster also heats up slowly, cools down quickly and gets to full firing rate within about 3 seconds from scratch, allowing for long sustained fire at this high DPS rate. In PvE in particular these are excellent against large, tough structures.

Beam Cannon: Frigate Only[]

Beam Cannons are designed as long to middle range classic lasers. it is a hitscan weapon with no spread. however it deals relatively average amounts of damage.