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Engineering class frigates are one of the 9 Ship Classes, and primarily come from the Federation faction. Engineering frigates are able to build auxiliary facilities on the field, and are supposed to back up ally forces. They are the only ship type able to directly repair allies.

Engineering frigates are in between Guard and Long Range Frigates in terms of hull and shield strength, and are also the fastest type of frigate.

Special Module: Combat Drones[]

Up to two autonomous drones will be launched and orbit around the Engineering frigate, each able to do light damage to any enemies that come in range. When two drones are out the module can be activated to sacrifice one and repair allies in the immediate area.

Modules Specific to Engineering:[]

  • Warp Gate
  • Autonomous Powering Station
  • Autonomous Repair Station
  • Mass Shield Generator
  • Nanodrone Cloud
  • Attack Drone
  • Energy Emitter
  • Static Barrier