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Credit, Standards, Vouchers, and Artifacts:[]

There are two main types of currency in Star Conflict, the Credit and the Standard, often abbreviated as SC and GS, or nicknamed as Silver and Gold. SC is the main form of money that the player will deal with, and they can buy most items and ships with. GS is a premium currency that the player can use to buy premium ships, modules, etc, and they are not necessary for the average player.

The other two types of money are the Artifact and the Voucher. Artifacts are gained as loot rather than income, and can be used in two ways: either to upgrade modules from MkIII to MkIIII, or to donate to a corporation to increase Iridium holdings. The Voucher is gained through completing contracts from one of the six subfactions, and are used to upgrade modules from MkII to MkIII.


There are two types of currency available in Star Conflict; Space Credits (SC) and Gold Standards (GS)

The player can accumulate SC partaking in PVP and PVE battles or from completing missions and gathering trophies in open space.

Logging in daily will also provide the player with a small sum of SC, and every five days of successive logging in, the player will also get 10000 contract points for a sub faction depending on what station the player is currently docked at.

The player can also sell unused modules and weapons, however, this is not recommended as the selling price for weapons and modules is roughly 1/6th of the buying price.

SC can also be acquired from exchanging the game's premium currency (GS) for SC.

GS come primarily from DLC Packs and from exchanging real currency. As the game is in beta, the player will receive 10 GS for answering the occasional poll. Players who are in Corporations also receive daily GS rewards from capturing locations in Sector Conquest.

GS to SC exchange:[]

If the player lacks the neccisary credits to buy a new ship or modal, it is possible to exchange any owned standards for credits. The GS to SC ratio increases depending on the amount of GS being exchanged, with the starting ration being 20 GS to 8000 SC. The player can pay in excess of $10 USD just for a premium ship, but this does exist. It is not possible to exchange SC for GS


What the Player can buy:[]

Regular ships, regular modules, regular weapons, regular boosters, and reimplantations can all be bought with SC. GS can be used to buy premium ships, premium modules, premium weapons, boosters, and licenses. GS can also be used to create and modify a Corporation.

Ship fees from repair and the reloading of ammunition cost SC.


The Developers have stated that they do not plan to implement a trading system between players anytime soon.