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Corporation Ranking Screen. As of August 14th, 2013, approximately around 11 PM PDT

Corporations are groups that can be formed by players. Players can pay 3000 gold standards to form a new corporation and become the CEO, and from there they can add officers and regular players. For corporation commands, visit Chat Commands.

Corporation Hierarchy[]

  • CEO - Has the ability to invite & kick members, elect officers, and dissolve the corporation.
  • Officer - Has the ability to invite members. 
  • Normal Member - No special priveleges. 

Regulations and Ranking[]

Corporations are ranked in five categories: PVP, PVE, Roster, Sectors, and Iridium. The roster limit is 150 players. 

Corporations can obtain Iridium from normal players; players will sometimes receive artefacts from loot, which can be processed into Iridium. Iridium can be used to speed up construction of dreadnoughts. 

PVP and PVE points in the ranking section decrease 1% per hour, and points gained or lost depend on the strength of the corporation. (?) 

Sector Battles[]

Corporations engage in sector conquest in a unique way; corporations can become the owners of a sector, and other corporations can contest for the ownership of that sector. 


Members of a Corporation will receive a tag which is attached to the end of the player's name, which is decided by the corporation CEO. It has been hinted that corporations may be able to build dreadnoughts in a future patch.