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Combat Drones is a Special Module that is found on Engineering frigates. The ability is always on. When the player enters the battlefield, s/he will see one drone appear flying around the ship after 25 seconds, and see another one appear after another 25 seconds. While the ship's shields are above 50%, the drones will fire at nearby enemies, and while the ship's shields are below 50%, the drones will repair the shields instead. If the player activates the special module, the drones will disappear and the ship's shields will regerate a small amount. It then takes the same amount of time for the two drones to reappear.

The drones can be destroyed by enemy fire and missiles, but since they are small and usually moving around the ship, they are quite hard to hit.

If the player presses F (usual keyboard control), any available drones on the ship will disappear, and a corresponding amount of health will be added to the player's shields as well as any nearby allies.


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