Star Conflict Wiki
Axe-X type S
Basic info
Class Fighter
Role Tackler
Affiliation Jericho
Tech level 1
Special Module Diffusion Shield
Active modules 2
Passive modules 1
Rockets Medium: 5
Weapon modifiers 0
Ship modifiers 0
Cost 70,000
Requires Axe
Required for Axe-X

The Axe-X type S is an upgrade to the Axe, the basic starting fighter of Jericho.

Special Module and Additional specs[]

  • Energy consumption of Tackler modules decreased by 20%
  • Main weapon damage increased by 15%
  • Reward bonus: 0%
  • Synergy stages: 3 (11000 pts.)

Special Module[]

Diffusion Shield

  • Cooldown: 30 sec
  • The player can surround his ship with a shield for 15 seconds. The shield absorbs all damage, but uses energy. 1pt of energy for every 8pt of damage. If the ship runs out of energy, the shield disappears.


Hull and Shields[]



Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value
20 55 -5 87.4pts./s 6115 25 -5 55 0 pts./s 2495

Energy and Sensors[]

Energy Sensors
Value Regeneration Sensor range Target lock time
415 80.4 pts./s 3250 m 1.8 s

Speed, Maneuverability and Acceleration[]

Speed 169.6 m/s
Reverse Speed 70 m/s
Horizontal Strafe 70 m/s
Vertical Strafe 70 m/s
Acceleration 10.8 m/s2
Afterburner Speed 296.8  m/s
Afterburner energ. use 94 en/s
Roll 66 deg/s
Yaw 72 deg/s
Pitch 72 deg/s